Wednesday, 17 September 2008

New flavours and a slopey oven

Phew! Last week was move week for us. But now we're in! Admitedly there are still boxes of I'm not sure what everywhere but the worst is over. And I have a nice new kitchen to bake in. Unfortunatly the oven seems to be on a slope...? Small panic yesterday, but after some tinkering with the shelves the job's a goodun.
So these are the fruits of tonight's labour. And not a lop sided cake in sight.
The chocolate iced ones are chocolate and ginger (just an excuse to use the little gingerbread men sprinkles really) and the pink ones chocolate and raspberry. Made with melted chocolate and oodles of raspberry jam. I really wanted to use cherry jam but we only had raspberry so I made do. Pretty damn nice though I must say.

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