Saturday, 8 November 2008

Piccadilly Gardens Farmer's Market

We really like the Manchester markets. Actually we really like all markets but Manchester's are nice and busy, fun and very friendly indeed. This was our first time at Piccadilly Gardens and it was really cool. Partly thanks to our good neighbours Duerdens Fudge and Toffee (going since 1922! Pretty cool. Even more so because they still have the origional toffee hammer. Amazing!), but mostly thanks to the good people of Manchester who bought lots of cakes and paid us lovely compliments that kept us going despite our tired up-all-night-baking heads.
See you there in a month, or if you can't possibly wait that long (birthday? party? bad day? munchies? addiction?) give us a ring and we'll see what we can russle up xxxx


Anonymous said...

Please can you do a London Market? We promise to be friendly and buy lots of cakes.... my tummy is rumbling!

i love cake said...

Ha I'm afraid not! You'll just have to endure the long and rainy journey up here.