Saturday, 6 December 2008

Christmas at Knutsford Market

Brrrrr!! It was a cold start to the weekend for i love cake. Wrapped in as many layers as we could manage without disabling ourselves, we set off for Knutsford Farmers Market (in the dark - eek) . It was a chilly old day but the sun shone and after a good few cups of tea we were ready for action.

This months earnings went on tea, tea....a nice hot cup of tea, a delicious pain au raisin from the bread stall and a most delicious indeed steak and ale pie, which I have just polished off with a dollop of mash and a big glass of wine (to keep out the cold of course).

Anyway aren't we meant to be talking about cakes?
Don't forget we will be at Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester next Friday and Saturday. Please come and keep us busy or we might just freeze to death!

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Anonymous said...

All I have to say is, "WOW!" I found the cupcakes at the Manchester Fine Foods Market the other day and just had to try some. I tried the gingerbread and the vanilla. Both were super yummy. I know I'll be back for some more. Keep up the great work!