Saturday, 10 January 2009

Not-very-seasonal Lemon and Poppy Seed cupcakes

We made these very un-wintery cupcakes kind of by mistake-ish. The origional plan was to bake apple and cinnamon (much more cosy) cakes for the market, but though they tasted great, they did not look pretty. Far too much muffin top for a dainty little cupcake - a bit like the cupcake's ugly step sister. Or a cross breed - half muffin, half some sort of crazy scone. Anyway. I should have just taken a picture.
After a quick look in the cupboard and a stumble upon this topnotch lemon curd, the lemon and poppy seed cupcake 2009 was born. A moist, tangy, sweet, delicious little treat.
I'm afraid we can't take all the credit for this recipe however. This cake was origionally created by a Mrs Sarah Flavell - excellent cake baker and even better graphic designer (she made the lovely i love cake logo). Sorry Sarah! The secret's safe with us ;)

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