Monday, 20 April 2009

Easter's disco kitchen

A little late this post - where has the last week gone? Anyway here we are.
The Easter market was lots of fun - nice and sunny and nice and busy. Oh apart from the lovely man who scammed me out of £20 and bagged a free cake - charming. On a brighter note who was the gentleman who sauntered past in ladies jeans and high healed leather boots? Woweey.
Oh yeah, we came up with a bright little idea whilst baking over Easter (or maybe we were deluded by all that icing sugar wafting around the kitchen?). When Radio 1's floorfillers became all too much, we sifted through the old CD collection and pulled out some right gooduns! Seriously, try baking to some good music - it's a lot more fun than listening to Vernan Kaye babbling on about not a lot. Anyway, oh yes - this is what we came up with! -
'Music to Bake Cakes to' - a monthly compilation CD created by the creative hands of i love cake.
What d'you reckon? Hmm perhaps we're just getting carried away. Maybe we'll give it a whirl next month. Keep ye eyes peeled!

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