Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Come and say hello this wkd!

We'll be at the Farmers Market in Piccadilly Gardens this Friday 12th and Sat 13th so please come and pay us a visit.
Delicious flavour of the month this June is Elderflower. Bit old fashioned elderflower but believe us it's a goodun. Lovely with gin and mint actually which a friend made for us last week. Come and sample some tasters and see for yourself! (not gin, cupcakes. But maybe it'll get you in the mood for a gin afterwards)


Anonymous said...

It was lovely to find you at the market; your cupcakes are gorgeous...soft, beautifully flavoured and very pretty.

Anne-Marie said...

OMG, I bought some of your cakes in Manchester over the weekend and can't get enough of them!
I will most certainly be looking out for you again in the future and will tell all my friends to try them as well.... on second thoughts, no, I want them all for myself!! :-D